001 | A New Beginning

I stayed silent for a while. It’s when you decided to silence external noise that you begin to confront the internal noise within you. And when you learned how to handle those, that’s when you begin to hear the voices inside that are longing to be noticed by you.

They’re right when they said that things will keep on repeating unless you do something different to break the cycle. For so long, I wondered why no matter what I do, I always end up on the same page or even worst than that. I always ask why but I didn’t give myself time to reflect. I trade those times to going out to have “fun” to browsing social media feeds to watching video clips on youtube. I now know that those are only an escape, a very temporary one. I realized that all along, I’ve been doing the same solution or approach over and over and I didn’t learn my lessons. It’s really when you learned to eliminate those external distractions that you begin to notice what’s happening internally. It’s when you decided to confront it and take action that you begin to hear the voices inside and realize that all along, the answers to your questions are there. You just have to pay attention. And it’s up to you what you do with it and how you use it.

What I want to say is that silence made me hear that voice that’s screaming inside me to create a new blog, a blog that will serve as an outlet. It has been four years since the last time I lost access to my old blog. That time I was still in a different blogging platform. But now, I am ready to start anew! This blog will be about random things I find interesting. It might be about my life, the lessons I learned, my experiences, my personal development journey, self-discovery, books and shows I’m currently devouring, and my adventures!

How about you, what are the things that you keep hearing from the voice inside you and what did you do with it?

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12 thoughts on “001 | A New Beginning

  1. I love this post! Welcome back to blogging! I have been blogging for almost five years now and sadly, I have to stop last year, but now, I am back again. 😁 Let’s blog together! ❤️ I can’t wait to read your future posts! 💕✨

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  2. My voice inside always tells me to let go of the past. I always wonder why sometimes I feel so upset out of no where but every single time I sit down with myself and actually look within. It always turns to me holding on to the past.
    One thing that has always helped me get through all hurtful/stressful situations are affirmations. I always say affirmations. And well lately now I rarely feel upset or have thoughts of my past and when I do talk about my past or think about it I don’t have any feelings towards it. It’s just like telling a story or thinking of a movie.
    I finally learned a lesson that I’ve been subconsciously trying to teach myself.

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    1. So true! We will never understand what’s really happening until we listen and dig deep. Thank you so much for sharing yours! ❤️ I’ve been hearing about affirmations. I think that it’s really powerful.


  3. I keep hearing that I need to let go, that I need to make decisions and stick with them, that I should state my opinions loud and proud. Im honestly tired of the constant noise and the constant feeling that I can’t achieve anything. I want to grow, I want to come out of this season a Testimony

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    1. Hi Ash, I feel you! But now that we heard that voice, we can’t ignore it. It’s either we stay in that place or do something to make a difference. I don’t know about you but the thought of having a choice gave me hope and power. It’s not easy and I don’t know if I’m on the right track or doing the right thing now. But I’m trying. 😊 I hope you find the courage in you to take that small step, grow from it, and come out stronger. Fighting! ✨

      Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️

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  4. Congratulations! And based on what I’ve read so far, you really are shining through. What you did was right.

    Sometimes, we tend to go around a big rock to continue on our path. However, that rock can roll over and block our next path anew. In life, that rock is our fears, difficulties, or even distractions. We always avoid them, thinking they’ll just disappear in thin air and that we’ll be good thereafter.

    What you did was instead of walking around the “rock”, you tackled it and crushed it. Hence, you’re now free to do what really makes you happy without the things that previously pulled you back getting into your way

    I am so glad that you listened to your inner voice and crushed those that previously prevented you from acting on its call. God bless!

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    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this, Ate Tina! This means so much to me! Nakakaspeechless! Hihi 🥰 To be honest, it’s a constant battle to continue on this path without walking around the rock that I got used to. There are times that I automatically crawl back to my comfort zone or look for an escape route. 😅 I love your explanation and how you used the rock as an example. Very insightful and inspiring! 🙌 I think I’ll now have something to always remember whenever I encounter a “rock” and hopefully, I’d be able to snap back to reality and remind myself to tackle it and crush it. 💖

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