002 | A Day in Quarantine

This is my third week in quarantine (April 15). This post was posted late as I haven’t set up my blog yet at that time.

Today, I wake up with a bit of headache as I have a hard time falling asleep last night and I keep waking up in the middle of the night. This really happens when I am excited about something, such as launching this blog. I have so many blog ideas and I am very excited to write again, the kind of writing that doesn’t have to be a certain way and where I could just write about anything that comes to mind. For the longest time, I have never been this excited to share my stories with the world.

So after eating breakfast, brushing my teeth, and washing my face, I sat down at the corner of my bed and just write. I wrote my very first blog entry and took a break to work out and meditate. I’ve done Jay Shetty’s 20 Days Live Meditation Challenge the other day so I looked for a new guided meditation on youtube and found Boho Beautiful. I started out with one of her many guided meditations and what I love in this episode is the mantra:

Today is a beautiful day of opportunity. I am exactly where I need to be. I open myself to the universe and trust the unfolding of my life.”

– Boho Beautiful

I was in awe of how it resonated with me. Is this fate? I think it is. The moment I finished writing my first blog entry a while ago, I knew that I am ready to launch this blog and open myself to the world. To add to that, I feel really different today. Last night, I planned my to-do’s for this day which are: pay my credit card bills, do my daily habits and chores, and read the assigned readings on my psychology class. That’s all I planned since I knew that it would be a heavy reading in that class. However, I did all of those except to do the activities in that class. What I did instead is to go on my instinct to write. This is probably my third writing for this day. The other one is for my about page.

Just yesterday, I was very productive. After taking an online quiz on my physics class (which by the way, I got a perfect score and that’s really a big deal for me haha coming from a person who failed that class before), I did all the work assigned for my art class. I noticed how every time I have a very productive day, I will not be on the next day. And that is totally okay. I want to remind myself to take it easy and be gentle with myself more especially during this time of quarantine. I might not have done my planned activities for one of my classes today, but I think I was still productive *wink*

How are you doing this quarantine? I hope you are well and staying safe.

[Credit: Featured Photo]

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