006 | What brings you joy?

The spring semester officially ended yesterday!!! Hooray! To be honest, I have mixed feelings about it. This is a pretty challenging semester and I learned a lot not only from my academics but also from how I deal with things. Some things didn’t go as I expected them to go but I am trying to not beat myself up for it.

Today, I’m still a little stressed out from that busy week. As I am trying to calm myself down, I find myself flipping through my Artist of Life workbook I got from Lavendaire, which I only opened now after a month of not using it. It’s fun getting reminded of what I have accomplished in the past months and the little moments that I’m grateful for. Then I came across a prompt that sparked interest and I felt writing about it at the moment.

What makes you come alive? In other words, what brings you joy? This is for me:

  • A tidy and clean space. Your space reflects your state of mind. I believe that having a tidy and clean space encourages new ideas and promote creativity. This brings me joy. But, I’m struggling to maintain this.
  • Sharing a meal with my loved ones. You know when they say that food tastes better when shared with your loved ones. I love these little moments when you’re just having a good time eating and sharing stories with them.
  • Slow days. No appointments, no commitments, and no plans. Just chill and have time for self-care.
  • Watching good shows/movies, reading good books, and listening to my favorite podcasts. You know, when you are emotionally attached to the stories and when you are learning from them and it’s changing the way you think? That brings me joy.
  • Self-care. I consider my habits a self-care, such as eating fruits, working out, drinking enough water, meditating, and journaling. Meditating and journaling are my favorite way of talking to myself. Having time for my self-care every day gives me joy and makes me feel loved by myself. Btw, I talked about the habits I recently built in my previous post.
  • Traveling. I love experiencing different cultures, trying out their foods, and exploring places. This does not only mean visiting a different state or country. This could also mean being a local tourist, going on road trips, as well as commuting. This reminds me of my recent travel to Japan! I’ll be sharing it soon!!!
  • Changing my hair color and hairstyle. Once or twice a year, I usually change my hair color or hairstyle, or both. Right now, I have curly hair and brown and light brown highlights (I forgot the actual shade) and I am loving it! Please, don’t grow too fast.
  • Riding rollercoasters and other thrill rides. I enjoy getting scared, shouting at the top of my lungs, and laughing out loud when done with the ride.
  • Laying in bed, getting cozy after a long day.
  • Long walks. No phone, just enjoying my time with nature.

I could go on and on with this list. I realized that it doesn’t have to be something big and expensive. Oftentimes, we find joy in the little and simple things in life. It’s usually the small little moments that matter.

After listing all these on my workbook, I felt my stress levels have been reduced. Just thinking about these things made me feel happy. It reminds me to be grateful for what I have now and to stop focusing on the things I have no control.

In addition to that, I am excited to have more time to blog! I enjoyed blogging during my study breaks and now that the semester ended, I am excited to connect with you guys and discover new blogs to follow as well as customizing my theme!

How about you, what brings you joy? What makes you come alive?

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27 thoughts on “006 | What brings you joy?

  1. When I started this blog, it was actually and mix and match of everything and anything (I actually deleted tons!) but now I am slowly easing into this flow where I kind of forget the notion of time and just go on and on with ideas and drafting blog posts about self-care.

    I usually don’t wake up early but when I got into this flow state, I’m on dopamine! I think, as of the moment blogging is what makes me come alive. ❤️

    I love reading this! I relate so much, hoping to read more! ❤️

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    1. I feel you, Princess! When you love and enjoy what you’re doing, ideas just keep coming in! And to be honest, your blog excites me because I love learning more and getting more tips about self-care! 😍 Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you love reading this post as much as I love talking about it 💖

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  2. Congrats on finally finishing your semester!!! ✨ I so love this list— we actually have a lot of things that we find joy in. ❤️ I super agree with long walks and just being attached with nature, which I don’t get to do now because of quarantine. I super miss it! 🥺❤️ Great post! Take care! ✨

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    1. I hope this ends soon because believe me I’ve been missing it, too and I’m dying to go outside to have that time with nature again. 😅 Thank you, Jirah!!! I’m glad you love it! ❤️

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  3. Hi! This catches my attention because of the word “Joy”. And I found out we have a lot of things in common 💛 Just to add, I find “Joy” through volunteering. I do really love community service. But due to the pandemic, I need to lessen my outdoor activities and that is how I find this new source of “joy” — blogging 💛

    I hope to read more of your works 💛 Keep shining and spread the yellow energy! 💛

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    1. Yay! It’s nice to know that we find joy in the same things. Thank you for sharing, Karizza! I love that you found joy in blogging!!! I can’t wait to read your works, too! ❤️

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  4. Slow days are the bomb! Though it doesn’t give me as much satisfaction when I lie on my bed at the end of the day. Weird how things are like that. Am loving your site and content. Keep writing!

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    1. Yes, it’s very relaxing knowing that you can now rest and sleep. Thank you so much for this! 😁 I’m glad you can relate and love my content. ❤️


    1. Yay! I’m so glad you can relate. I feel not alone in this. 😁 We can do this! Btw, thank you so much for visiting my site and taking the time to read my content. ❤️ Do you have a blog? I want to check out yours ❤️

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    2. You’re an awesome writer. Yes I do. I just started one after loong contemplation. It’s ayareadsalot.wordpress.com

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  5. I can really relate to everything you’ve said here! I love camping, so my most ‘joyous’ day would probably be waking up in a tent, going for a long walk, coming back and cooking dinner then sitting around a campfire reading all evening. This is such a great post idea! Your blog is a great inspiration ☺️

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    1. Ahh, that sounds fun and something that I think I will enjoy too! I’ve never tried camping in a tent and I want to try it! And oh, the smell of campfire smoke while reading ❤️ Yay! Thank you so much for your kind words 🥰

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    2. Camping in a tent is such a special experience! I’ve been under canvas with Scouts which was fun, but a little less glamorous. You’d have to be in wet, muddy Britain to get the best experience of ‘proper’ camping haha. Take care 🙂

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  6. I love this post! We share many sources of joy in common 🙂 Today I find joy in my kids running around in the garden after the rain, listening to a thought-provoking podcast in the bath, speaking to my grandma on the phone. The little things are sooo important ❤

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! And oh, listening to podcasts! I love that! 😅 Thank you so much for sharing yours, Caroline! ❤️ I’m glad you love this post!

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