A former Tumblr blogger who quite lost her access to the blogging world four years ago. After all these years, she still had this voice inside her to keep sharing. She kept denying it until she decided to listen and act on it. Hence, the birth of this blog.

Oh, Nath is a personal blog where she shares about random things she found interesting. It might be about her life, the lessons she learned, her experiences, her personal development journey, self-discovery, books and shows she’s currently devouring, and adventures in hopes of entertaining or inspiring you. She goes by the name Nath, a 20-something Filipino adventurer currently living in Southern California. She used to be a very very private person but after this blog, maybe not that private anymore as she decides to share tidbits of her stories to the world.

What’s up with the domain?

One afternoon she came across a video compilation of TikToks on Youtube and one of the songs that they always dance to is Oh Na Na Na and it got stuck in her head and she suddenly thinks about using that as her domain. Now, whenever she remembers her domain, she can’t help but sing. 😂

Get to know her more through her upcoming posts. New blogs every Tuesdays and Saturdays PT.

Have a wonderful day!

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