009 | Uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain.

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? As for me, I’ve been busy since the past week because summer classes have started and just last Monday, my priority enrollment for this coming fall semester also started. I’ve been stressing over finding out if all classes are really going to be online since I heard that the government is slowly allowing schools (but not colleges and universities yet) to reopen, so I’ve been bombarding the school with questions. I’m obsessing over this because I will have a completely different schedule for face-to-face classes. Ugh. Not knowing what’s certain makes it harder to plan sometimes.

So I’ve been spending more time than I normally would on rate my professor’s website to help me narrow down my choices. I’ve been using this website since I went to college and it was very helpful. First, I check all the professors that are going to teach that particular class and I would look up their ratings on the website one by one, then I will list all the ones that have very good ratings as well as the schedule for the class. I also put a star on the ones that are my top choices. After that, I organize them and try to fit into my schedule. I tried to do one that’s applicable for both face-to-face and online, but it’s not possible. Well, it’s possible if I take one of my classes with a professor that has a not-so-good rating and I tried taking one before and it turned out pretty well but right now is not the right time to take that risk since all the classes that I have left are all heavy and hard. There are also classes that are only taught by the same professor so I have no choice but to take it despite the reviews.

So back to contacting the school, the admissions office told me that all classes are online, but there’s uncertainty in laboratory classes. They said that some labs may be held on campus. If that’s the case, then that’s another problem. I also checked the school’s website and there’s a newer announcement that was posted just the other day about sticking to all classes online throughout the fall semester even if the government allowed colleges and universities to reopen. I thought I don’t have to worry anymore, but my professor in physics lab right now said that there’s still a possibility that labs will be held on campus and that they’re still discussing it. Just like that, I went back to zero again. I’m pressured to start registering for classes and starting next month, all students will be able to register and by then, it will be harder to change sections because classes will fill up quickly. I’m also pressured because this will be my last semester (hopefully) before I transfer to a university.

This is stressing me out. I feel like I’m losing my sanity. I want to know what’s certain, but the only thing that’s certain right now is uncertainty.

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22 thoughts on “009 | Uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain.

  1. That is true. No matter how well planned things are, life happens. These are tough times, most of the systems are in chaos and people are confused. Hoping you find strength to push through, Nath. Take care ❤️

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  2. I hate with dealing with a lot of stress myself so, I’m sorry your going through all this! uncertainty is always frustrating and stressful but, I hope you can get some more certainty in the next couple days!

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  3. I love reading this! I totally agree with you, with coronavirus, everything is uncertain! It’s so hard to make decisions, you have to constantly check if things are open, on google maps, on their website, on their Facebook page, and so on…! Stay safe, I’m sure the situation will get better soon! 😘

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  4. I can feel you, Nath! For the past few weeks, I kept thinking about what will be my university’s plan for the upcoming school year. Different thoughts come to my mind like maybe we’ll have an academic freeze or something but it’s a good thing that they’ve announced enrollment schedule dates already. It’s one step but we still cannot understand if we’ll have face-to-face classes or online classes. I prefer the latter one though. It’s still not safe outside!

    Stay safe always, Nath! ❤

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    1. That’s right! Hihi It doesn’t matter to have everything online as long as we’re safe. Thank you so much, Jirah! ❤️ Really, it’s comforting that I am not alone in this. 🥰

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  5. So this is whyyyy. Haha I haven’t heard from you but I guess it’s because I’ve been busy too with classes. Yes, it sucks when we’re in this situation but the school admin hasn’t been very helpful and understanding towards their students too so we end up with additional problems. I hope you get through this in time, best of luck! ❤

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  6. It feels awful to be uncertain, especially if the people you’re asking about these information are as clueless and uncertain as you are. I feel you… But please, don’t be too stressed out. This too shall pass…

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