Drama Quotes: Hi Bye, Mama!

Hello everyone! Last month, I watched this South Korean drama which I talked about in my previous post. I’ve been having self-reflections and it made me ask myself some questions, such as “Am I happy?” and “Were other people happy because of me?”

For this post, I thought I’d share some of the quotes/lines from the drama. Some of them are my favorite.

Back then, when I never expected my death, I was preoccupied with petty emotions in everyday life and didn’t realize what really mattered. Being able to eat something and touch the person I love, and being alive and breathing, even in the hardest of times… I only realized how beautiful that is after I died.

– Cha Yuri

I thought death was just about leaving this life after making the most of the time God has given me. But I realized this after my death. My life was not entirely mine.

– Cha Yuri

“Even in the face of death, there’s something that doesn’t let you only think about yourself. It’s family.”

– Cha Yuri

There’s no such thing as beautiful goodbye in this world. It only hurts more and more. You pretend you’re over it, but there’s always something broken inside. The older she gets, the more it’ll hurt. Goodbyes must hurt more as you get older and understand life better.

– Sung Mi-ja

If I had known that the next day wouldn’t arrive ever again, I wouldn’t have let each precious day just pass by idly.

– Cha Yuri

“Everyone who’s alive is like that. They think more about tomorrow than today. That’s why they have a lot of troubles, sigh a lot, and regret a lot, too. If they thought they’d live just another day like you or other ghosts here, there’s no need to worry about it all.”

– Mi Dong

There is a reason why you should live an honest life. Your life not only yours but also your parents’.

– Sung Mi-ja

When you go to heaven, God will ask you two questions. If you answer yes to both questions, you can be reborn as a human in your next life. One question is, ‘Were you happy with your life?’ The other question is, ‘Were other people happy because of me?’ Let’s be reborn as humans and meet again in the next life.

– Cha Yuri

What’s your favorite drama quote?

7 thoughts on “Drama Quotes: Hi Bye, Mama!

  1. These are some of the most wonderful quotes I have ever read. Life is so unpredictable and we all, almost all just don’t live in the present. We think about our lives 5 years from now. We take each step in a day to make our future beautiful but what about the present? Who will make that beautiful ? We always forget to remind ourselves of that and then suddenly comes death knocking on our doors one fine day and we are taken away, just to be left with the thoughts of the present when the present has gone too. Thanks for these quotes they can seriously set a person’s day right.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day.

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. Stay connected. πŸ™‚

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    1. This is so true! Sometimes we think about our future more than our present. We are too glued to our destination when in fact, the process and the journey that we are going through right now are also as important and as beautiful as our future. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this and I’m glad you like it! I will check your blog right now! I’m into those contents! πŸ’–

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    2. Yes! It’s interesting to find people who you can connect to! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! I enjoyed reading it! Have a great day! πŸ’–

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  2. My favorite one from your post is from Mi Dong, I share the same thought, you know, Death isn’t supposed to be feared, its supposed to be accepted because its a natural phenomenon and the way we could help ourselves accept that death is constant and inevitable is to make something with our time without regret. Living in the “now” as they call it. Mortality isn’t something you can take your eyes off of. That’s what other people have been missing out. If we let it in about our mortality then we would have fewer of those moments when we regret not being able to live presently, u know.

    Thank u for this, these quotes are wonderful and always relevant. ❀ Cheers!

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    1. Wow, I love reading your thoughts on this! I’m a little guilty. πŸ˜… I used to fear death when in reality, not making the most out of our time now is what we should fear. It’s always the regrets that come after. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad you like it! πŸ’—

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